What are Dentures 

There are several types of denture, primarily they are used to replace missing teeth.

The main categories of denture are either partial dentures - used to replace some missing teeth. or complete/full dentures - this is when there are no remaining teeth in that jaw. In either case they can be for the upper or lower jaw and may be constructed from different materials. For more information on dentures Click Here

Of course dentures may not be what you want and you can look at alternatives such as Bridges or Implants, we will of course discuss any options with you at your consultation.


Complete/Full Dentures

Complete or Full dentures are use to replace all the teeth in a jaw, both upper and lower teeth may be replaced in this way. People wear dentures so that they may enjoy a healthy diet, form speech and smile with confidence.

You can find out more about dentures HERE

partial denture

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth, this may be a temporary or a permanent solution. We can also construct partial dentures in a flexible acrylic material, acrylic or with a metal base.

partial denture

Denture Material

Dentures may be constructed from a number of different materials, the vast majority of which are acrylic (plastic) and some are constructed with a metal skeleton overlaid with acrylic. The acrylic is coloured the same colour as your gums, giving a natural appearance. Both the metal and the acrylic denture may have clasps to help with retention.

All our dentures are made by local laboratories by trained and registered Dental Technicians who are known to us personally.

partial denture