Children's Dentistry



Here at Main Street Dental we understand that the first time your child visits the dentist is very important in creating a life-long positive image of dentistry.  It is for this reason that we pride ourselves on building trust with our younger patients and their parents.  It is our priority that in these early visits any anxieties you or your child may have are addressed and therefore we aim to ensure that everyone has a stress free experience.

Protecting young teeth and preventing tooth decay is our key goal.  We work very closely with each and every child in our care to ensure that they have solid foundations for their oral health care so that they can continue to practice healthy dietary and oral hygiene habits through to adulthood.

When treatment is required we always ensure that this is carried out in a gentle, pain free and effective manner by offering gold standard treatments and pain relief methods.

If you require further information or to book your child’s appointment with our dedicated paediatric dentistry please call us on 01928 733974.

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